• PAD01
  • AT01
    设备名称:全自動支架式組裝矯正設備 型号:AT01 主要功能 本机可适用于支架式双摄像头模组产品的组装校正,是一款功能强大的自动化设备 。作业人员只需将放有待测摄像头模组的料盘放入上料仓,电脑软件启动,设备就会自动完成以下动作: 1、自动上下料; 2、A.....
  • SPV8
    设备名称:PDAF &水平烧录一体式设备 型号:SPV8 主要功能 本机是集PDAF及水平烧录于一体的自动化设备,可自动进行近景、远景及白场raybet雷竞技,内置双中空旋转台,可同时进行八颗产品不同工位的raybet雷竞技,极大的提升了UPH值。
  • SP01
    设备名称:水平AF、PDAF校准一体设备  型号:SP01 设备功能 水平AF、PDAF校准一体设备集AFraybet雷竞技和PDAF烧录为一体的高性价比机台,满足AF近景6-15CMraybet雷竞技、远景模拟3-8Mraybet雷竞技,基本涵盖目前较多的AF产品。同时覆盖15-40CM和30-60CM P.....
  • QT01
    设备名称:半自动双摄副摄机台  型号:QT01 主要功能 1.   自动点胶系统,可进行点、圆、矩形、多段、多点等点胶方式。 2.   视觉识别调整XY,shift位置。 3.   自动.....
  • GD01
    设备名称:高通平台深度校正光箱  型号:GD01 设备功能 本机可适用于多种摄像头模组产品的raybet雷竞技,是一款功能强大的自动化设备 。作业人员只需将摄像头模组放入raybet雷竞技raybet雷竞技客户端,按下启动键,设备就会自动完成以下动作:  1、3D 标定(L-Chart); .....
  • FT05
    设备名称:三合一光箱 型号:FT05-V2 主要功能 本机可适用于多种摄像头模组产品的raybet雷竞技,是一款功能强大的自动化设备 。作业人员只需将摄像头模组放入raybet雷竞技raybet雷竞技客户端,按下启动键,设备就会自动完成以下动作: 1、O/S&电流raybet雷竞技; 2、远焦raybet雷竞技; .....
  • DT16
    Professional Non-Standard Mobile Phone Module, Fingerprint Identification Test Automation Equipment And Fixtures, Listen To Customer Needs, Meet Customer Requirements
    Passed The ISO9001 Quality System Certification, Recommended 7S Management, Strengthen PDCA On-Site Management Mode, And Continuously Improve The Quality Of Commissioned Products
    Company Area Of 8,000 Square Feet, With Production Equipment Now CNC Machine 100, 35 Milling Machines, And Supporting Drilling, Sawing, Etc.
    Strong Production Capacity, Strict Quality Management Control System, Quick Response Delivery Time Is Short And On Time.

           Shenzhen Yonggu Precision Fixture Co., Ltd.        Shenzhen Yonggu Precision Fixture Co., Ltd. was established in January 2008. It is a branch of Taiwan Chuanggu Technology Group in mainland China (Taiwan Chuanggu was established in 2001). It is a professional non-standard precision test fixture and non-standard An enterprise that develops, designs, manufactures, processes and sells automation equipment.       The company is equipped with qualified R&D and design personnel, experienced product processing and assembly staff. The production workshop is a constant temperature workshop. The production workshop has a central air conditioner inside to ensure t.....

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